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nuclear engineering and services

As a nuclear engineering and services company, our main mission is to support nuclear players in project development, operation, maintenance in safe conditions and decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

employees trained by 2022

Our approach

Careers in nuclear engineering and services

Onet Technologies has chosen to implement an ambitious training policy that fosters employee skills development and takes into account changes in the environment.


These career paths also meet the requirements of the nuclear industry:

  • The Project sector
  • Technical Division
  • Intervention Division


Each of these is implemented with a view to facilitating career development within Onet Technologies, while at the same time supporting employees as they develop their skills. In fact, adapted training courses are deployed in each sector to give our employees the means to evolve and build their career paths.

Featured offers

Assistant nuclear site manager F/H

Radiation Protection Technician F/H

Multi-skilled nuclear dismantling operators

Radiation Protection Technician F/H

Multi-skilled nuclear dismantling/waste operator F/H

Onet Technologies operates in the nuclear sector in France and abroad

Our areas of expertise

  • Civil nuclear power (nuclear power generation)
  • New-generation reactors and research reactors
  • Nuclear research centers
  • Fuel cycle facilities
  • Defense-related facilities (naval bases, etc.)

Our nuclear services activities
are divided into 3 main business lines

Reactor engineering and services

  • Design, construction and revamping of cycle plants: design, calculation and modeling.
  • Nuclear power plant maintenance, Onet Technologies specializes in nuclear maintenance operations, whether on reactors or on key components of nuclear facilities.
  • Control and inspection


Operator services : Contribute to our customers' performance through site assistance

We offer comprehensive site assistance services (PGAC) and act as industrial operators for nuclear power plants, fuel cycle facilities, naval bases and experimental reactors.


Dismantling, decontamination and treatment of nuclear waste

  • Onet Technologies works with its customers to decontaminate and dismantle facilities, whatever their complexity, thanks to its turnkey services. Our employees are specialists in their field, working on site in constrained environments. They use innovative techniques such as laser cutting, 3D modeling and virtual reality.
  • We master the entire management chain for radioactive nuclear waste and other hazardous waste: from collection to treatment and remediation. Onet Technologies also has its own radioactive waste storage and treatment facility: SOGEVAL.
  • Asbestos removal operations

Onet Technologies is qualified to remove all types of asbestos (friable and non-friable), and is involved in all sectors of activity, from large-scale projects to more traditional installations: nuclear power plants, construction, industry, transport, local authorities, etc.

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nuclear engineering and services