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Technical and technological innovations

To anticipate and develop new products and processes, Onet constantly monitors the latest market advances. The aim of these projects is to identify and/or develop equipment to increase efficiency and reduce drudgery.

Contribute to the efficiency of our operations

Technical innovations

  • Dry ice blasting
  • Laser decontamination
  • Artificial intelligence for an innovative welding process
  • Innovative non-destructive testing processes for even greater performance
  • Belledonne®: a high-performance electronic solution for securing sensitive sites
Technical innovations

Technological innovations

  • Oscar®, a customized ground robot for optimized safety
  • Drone, an integrated safety device
  • Exopshère Mobile surveillance unit to reinforce sensitive sites
  • CleanConnect cleanliness in use
  • Cobotics for synergistic work



Technological innovations

Some concrete examples
of technical innovations

Dry ice blasting.
A renovation solution that respects the substrate and the environment


Onet developed dry ice blasting with the aim of developing ever more effective cleaning and maintenance solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

This technology offers many advantages in the industrial cleaning sector, for use when traditional cleaning techniques are no longer effective. It boosts our customers' performance.

Onet offers a global approach to cleaning in the industrial sector. We have developed dry ice blasting, which offers numerous advantages. This water-, solvent- and detergent-free cleaning technology is perfect for degreasing operations on machines in all industrial sectors, and especially in the food industry. Cryo-cleaning involves spraying cold, dry dry ice particles (dry ice pellets or dry ice blasting) onto the surfaces to be cleaned. The combination of mechanical shock and intense cold (thermal shock) loosens the layer to be removed (cryogenic stripping). The dry ice sublimates instantaneously, removing all soiling from the surface. The advantages of dry ice blasting are economic, technical and environmental.

Laser decontamination
for more effective services tailored to nuclear environments

Onet is one of the world's pioneers in the use of laser technology for cutting and decontamination applications in nuclear environments.

These laser processes also help to limit environmental impact by reducing waste production. Efficient technology specially designed for complex environments

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Artificial intelligence for an innovative welding process

To guarantee the safety of our operators and the performance of our nuclear operations, we have been committed for several years to developing skills in robotics and artificial intelligence.

We have developed a self-adaptive orbital welding process with artificial intelligence to assist the field operator.

The aim is to improve the quality of our operations and the safety and security of operators by reducing radioactive exposure.

This innovation aims to reduce human error with a more reliable weld and faster quality control This process, which uses artificial intelligence, takes into account more than 40 parameters (part temperature, humidity, etc.) to achieve an optimal weld the first time.

Maxime Michel-Noël, Development Director, Onet Technologies

Innovative non-destructive testing processes
for even greater performance

We develop innovative ultrasonic non-destructive testing processes for monitoring the ageing of nuclear facilities, including areas inaccessible to humans, and for new nuclear constructions.

These inspection procedures are effective and reproducible across all nuclear projects, and offer an alternative to radiographic inspection, reducing the exposure of personnel to ionizing radiation while helping to maintain the safety level of nuclear facilities.

High-performance electronic solution for securing sensitive sites

For over 50 years, we have built up solid expertise in the manufacture of dedicated solutions for sensitive or high-risk sites for all types of activity.

Onet recently upgraded its historic Belledonne solution, dedicated to access control, opening management and intrusion prevention. More than 10,000 of our innovative electronic security solutions have already been deployed in France.

This new Belledonne Evolution version is based on a new, more powerful hardware platform, more scalable (communication protocols, cryptography, databases) and more secure, thanks to its manufacture using the latest architecture and components.

New 4G/5G security features, compliant with the regulations of the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (Anssi), and a new, more ergonomic, more open BNET6 server (Ldap-SSO, native connection with the Prysm hypervisor, full web configurator) further enhance the performance of our electronic security solution.

Here are just a few examples
of technological expertise
combining man and technology

Tailor-made ground robot for optimized safety

Onet has developed a terrestrial security robot used to carry out checks, remote-controlled patrols and programmed safety-security missions. It adapts to the configuration and needs of each site.

Robotics, AI and other new technologies integrated into our businesses enable us to enrich human safety and offer our customers even greater efficiency.

Claude Defarges, Operations Manager Onet Security

We have developed this rundown robot with a partner in order to offer tailor-made services. It is not intended to replace our agents, but to complement the resources they have at their disposal, to enhance the efficiency and safety of their services. Our robot is offered as a complement to a surveillance service. Fully configurable, it can be fitted with additional equipment and sensors to meet our customers' needs. Its artificial intelligence algorithms give it analysis and recognition functions that complement those of an agent. Thanks to AI, the robot learns continuously to provide the security guard with all the information needed to make the right decisions, and thus be more efficient.

An integrated safety system

Onet has developed a security drone that carries out autonomous missions without the need for remote piloting. By following pre-programmed flight plans, their intervention is fast and efficient.

With their high flight altitude and remote vision capabilities, they can capture high-definition video streams and broadcast them in real time to control screens.

This feature enables operators to eliminate any doubts and take the necessary action while remaining at a distance from the danger.

The drone demonstrates the benefits of combining man and technology for surveillance and safety missions on high-risk sites.

Mobile surveillance unit to reinforce sensitive sites


Onet has developed a high-security solution unique in Europe, combining a Mobile PC for ground observation and a patented aerostat, Exosphere®, 150 meters above the ground, creating a video-protection bubble.

This innovation enhances security on a sensitive site or event, day or night, thanks to the rapid deployment of observation, detection and signal processing resources.

Clean in use


Historically, the cleaning business has been based on a static model with a fixed organization, based on a frequency of intervention and a price per square meter. With Clean Connect, this model becomes dynamic.

The solution revolutionizes the concept of cleaning, enabling services to be provided on an as-needed basis, in the right place, at the right time, according to the needs expressed by occupants, and guaranteeing an optimum level of quality that remains stable over time.

This innovation is based on three levels of data: predefined fixed data (surface area of spaces, type of location, etc.), agile data derived in part from connected objects (flows, counting data, etc.) and data transmitted by manual addition.

In concrete terms, in a defined area, connected sensors collect information on visitor numbers, satisfaction levels and consumable stocks (soap, toilet paper, etc.). This information is immediately processed by algorithms, and transcribed onto smartphones in the form of roadmaps, which can be viewed directly by staff.

for working in synergy

The term cobotics, born from the combination of the words "collaboration" and "robotics", refers to the alliance between human and machine.

The application of cobotics in the cleaning sector presents major opportunities, notably by reducing drudgery, improving productivity and quality, developing employee skills and boosting the attractiveness of the profession.

By 2022, Onet will have deployed more than 80 robots in France in a number of sectors, representing 40 million m² of autonomous cleaning.