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Digitizing to improve the customer experience

Our investments in digitalization are aimed at improving internal processes, making relations with customers and suppliers smoother and more transparent, and optimizing the production of our services by digitizing certain stages to bring them greater added value. 

Integrate digital technologies into our activities to bring value to our customers

Digitizing our operational processes acts as a springboard to help build better environments for everyone. Onet is boldly focusing its innovation on digitizing its business processes in order to preserve and extend its operating culture, while accelerating its differentiation through new technologies.

Thanks to this digital transformation, both internal and external communication are improved. This transformation enables us to optimize our processes in concrete terms, and bring value to our customers. It has an impact in many areas: digitization of forms, customer extranet, online quotation requests, planning and traceability of our operations, optimization of our services thanks to connected objects, training of our teams, ....

Digitizing our processes enables us to provide our customers and teams with new connected tools, making them more efficient and agile.

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Optimized service monitoring
with Onet Blue Quality

Onet Blue Quality is an application dedicated to monitoring our services, which meets a dual challenge: to ensure rigorous management and control of the quality of our agents' on-site services.

This application for Onet managers enables scrupulous monitoring of services. Intervention reports are sent in real time, along with quality control results.

The application is also used to plan interventions.

This guarantees greater efficiency, responsiveness and traceability in the processing of requests, to optimize service performance. 

Digital transparency of services
with Onet Traçabilité

Onet has developed a mobile application to ensure full traceability and transparency of the services provided to our customers.

This digital solution enables us to monitor site activity in real time and centralize data.

From reporting anomalies to validating completed tasks, Onet Traçabilité provides a complete, real-time overview for our teams and customers.

This application is configured to adapt to the specific needs of each customer, guaranteeing a personalized experience that enhances operational efficiency.

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Digitalized service continuity
with Just Time

Onet has developed an application that allows site managers to be alerted in real time of an agent's unscheduled absence, by sending a notification to their smartphone.


This digital solution guarantees continuity of service
and security of supply.

Digitizing training
to facilitate access for all our employees

Guaranteeing quality services in line with Onet's operational standards is the aim of our Onet Learn digital tool, developed in 2019.


At the end of 2019, Onet Learn was awarded the Trophée d'or de la digitalisation des Victoires des Leaders du Capital Humain.


The primary aim of this mobile application is to facilitate access to training for as many employees as possible.


This solution for employees enables them to consult training content, via training paths with a quiz to validate completion of the course.

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This digital learning solution is designed to overcome the language barrier through the use of pictograms and videos.

Integrated into the Group's global training program, the Onet Learn application enhances the quality of the services delivered by our agents, and is a tangible part of the Group's strategic digital transformation plan.


Every year, Onet Learn continues to expand, with international deployment, the continued creation of tutorials for our operational staff and the creation of e-learning modules.


In 2022, Onet Learn enabled 2,274 training courses to be completed.