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From the time of its creation in 1860, Onet has been driven by a set of strong core values.

Around the world, the men and women who make up our team share a common vision.

Every day, our fundamental beliefs are reflected in the work we do as we continue to push forward.

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Our vision

We’ve always known that there is strength in numbers, and that the greatest asset to any organization is the intelligence of its members.

Together, we look to the future as we prepare to take on even greater challenges.

Our objectives

We hope to become the gold standard of service providers, a company that offers each and every employee the opportunity to bring value to our clients and to society as a whole.

Our mission

Onet puts all of its energy and resources into developing strategies for healthier, safer and more reliable work environments.

Onet’s core values


Openness is closely related to one of our other fundamental values: proximity in business relationships. We practice openness with respect to the global market, current trends and our stakeholders. This means constantly reevaluating our approach to remain at the cutting edge of business solutions. We owe this to our clients.


We respect people, regulations and contracts. In doing so, we create a safe environment where all of our stakeholders can grow professionally and develop their skills. In more general terms, this also means respecting our various commitments.


Our expertise and innovation capabilities give us the confidence to undertake any project. We believe that there is always a better solution waiting to be discovered. A bold vision requires a bold approach.

A unique vision

Closer connections…

Proximity is an essential factor in people-centered services. We all need to feel a sense of purpose and belonging, and we share a common goal to make life simpler and more enjoyable for everyone.

As the world turns increasingly to digital platforms, we think it’s important to strengthen human connections among our employees, clients and business partners.

This proximity to our stakeholders allows us to respond quickly and effectively to their requests, as well as anticipate any future needs. For example, our onsite staff work directly with clients at their company locations. 

…Make us stronger

Close connections lead to better results. Together, we are stronger.

Close business relationships and teamwork provide added value.

This results in enhanced performance, efficiency, innovation capability, solidarity, and a more enjoyable experience for all.

Onet, closer, stronger