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Work-study programs, a source of wealth
for the Onet Group

For Onet, an international group with 66,000 employees in over 9 countries, apprenticeships and work-study programs are a source of diversity and wealth.


For many years, the Onet Group has made work-study programs an important lever in its development and its commitment to student training. Work-study programs enable the company to train tomorrow's employees, prepare them for their future careers and support them in their professional development.

The main ingredients of a successful experience are a good integration, support towards autonomy and a willingness to learn in a trusting environment.

Bryan Benoliel, Vice President, Engineering and Safety Offering

Every year, the Onet Group offers a large number of work-study contracts throughout France for positions as recruitment managers, sales representatives, cleaning agents and QSE assistants in a wide variety of sectors, including security, cleaning, logistics and nuclear engineering. These offers are aimed at students from all backgrounds, from vocational baccalaureate and BTS to engineering and business schools.

+ More than 500 internship and work-study positions!

By choosing to recruit work-study students from a wide range of backgrounds, Onet also aims to promote a diversity of profiles within the company. This diversity is an asset that stimulates creativity and innovation, and enables us to meet the needs of a multi-skilled clientele.


Onet is also committed to supporting work-study students throughout their training, offering them personalized supervision and career development opportunities.

By putting their theoretical knowledge into practice on the job, work-study students can acquire cross-disciplinary skills, highly sought-after soft skills and solid professional experience, while developing their employability and preparing for their future careers.

Onet attaches particular importance to the training and development of its employees. As part of a work-study program, you can benefit from high-quality supervision and ongoing training to develop your professional skills.                                                                                                                                                              

Kalys Guedja, Key Account Assistant Onet Security


You too can join a team of men and women dedicated to exciting missions, and help create ever healthier, safer and more reliable environments!


All our work-study offers

Alternating transport/customs service F/M

Work-study logistics team leader F/H

Mechanical calculation engineer F/H

Quality Safety Environment Assistant F/H

Work-study quality assistant F/H

Logistics project manager / methods engineer - Part-time F/H