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Mobilized for European Sustainable Mobility Week!

The aim of European Mobility Week (EMW ) is to encourage citizens and communities in many European countries to opt for more environmentally-friendly modes of transport.

For its 20th edition, which takes place from September 16 to 22, 2021, the campaign puts the spotlight on sustainable mobility with the theme: "Safe and healthy with sustainable mobility".


This essential week enables the Onet Group to pursue its awareness-raising initiatives with its employees.

3 questions to...Nathalie Da Silva, Onet Road Risk Prevention & EcoMobility Manager

Nathalie Da Silva, Road Risk Prevention & EcoMobility Manager Onet

What is sustainable mobility?

These are all multimodal modes that have little or noCO2 impact.

Sustainable mobility is closely linked to the LOM law, which requires companies to reduce their environmental impact. It is therefore quickly associated with pedestrians and bicycle users.

And let's not forget public transport users, who optimize their impact by bringing together a certain number of people in the same existing transport system.

Finally, car-sharing is also a key element of sustainable mobility, as it reduces a user'sCO2 impact.

Unfortunately, people often think that sustainable mobility is unattainable! But all I have to do is carpool one day a week to halve my impact on the environment. I'm convinced that if you want to take action for sustainable mobility, you have to put an end to "autosolism", i.e. one-person-one-car travel.

At Onet, we want to open up the field of possibilities and show our employees the options available to them.


In concrete terms, what actions has Onet taken to adopt healthy, safe and sustainable transport?

We want to support our employees in changing their mobility habits. Tomorrow's means of transport are gentle, multi-modal modes that reduce our impact, making them more sustainable.

The idea is to demonstrate that there are solutions to suit everyone's needs. So we're proposing tools to access this sustainable mobility while also meeting the personal needs of our employees.

Indeed, their professional or personal situation means they have totally different needs in terms of mobility. It's essential to take into account people and their specific constraints, because every situation is unique and every environment is different. We need to find tailor-made solutions for each and every one of our employees.

We can, for example, consider the variability of our mode of transport over the course of a week. Through our partnership with BlaBlaCar Daily, Onet enables its employees to enter their journeys. Our employees can thus identify work colleagues taking the same routes and choose to carpool with them on certain days.

This year, for example, the theme of sustainable mobility is associated with health. We mustn't neglect this aspect. For example, when I get on my bike, I'm doing something healthier for the planet, but also for myself, because I'm exercising at the same time.

And tomorrow?

Onet aims to be a company with a positive impact on the environment. With this in mind, we want our employees to be part of this sustainable mobility approach too.

We want everyone to act at their own level, and collectively to have a greater impact. While each employee rethinks his or her transport with a view to sustainability, they are not the only beneficiaries (health, finance...).

In the end, his choice has an impact on our Group, the city and society as a whole. For Onet, this new awareness-raising campaign during European Mobility Week aims to increase the percentage of people who support this action for the planet.  


Anchored in a sustainable development approach since 2002, our Group believes in sustainable mobility.

Our actions within the Group during SEM

Three actions will be carried out this year for our employees during European Mobility Week:

  • a face-to-face event at the Group's head office to raise awareness of the challenges of sustainable mobility, with LeVelo and/or VéloPlus Métropole setting up booths for testing electrically-assisted bicycles; and a webinar presenting the Marseille metropolitan area's transport offering.
  • information webinars for all Group employees: one on the theme of carpooling, with a presentation by Blablacar Daily; and another on how to try out cycling in complete safety, with a presentation by Geovelo, an application that allows you to adapt your route by visualizing the available cycle paths for safe cycling.
  • All employees are also invited to take part in a mobility questionnaire.


At the same time, committed to a more responsible fleet

Faced with the challenges associated with climate change, Onet has launched a "Sustainable Mobility" project in 2019, co-piloted by the Purchasing Department and the Responsible Development Department, which aims to be part of an energy transition strategy.

A survey has been carried out among 4,000 of our drivers to gauge their expectations and define how, together, we can reduce ourCO2 emissions and tackle the energy transition.

With 2030 as a target, our Group is currently studying and optimizing existing processes, applying environmental criteria to our processes, and referencing pilot sites to test electrical infrastructures, in order to gain feedback to prepare for larger-scale deployment and best adapt our strategy to the profile of our Group.


A week to " Stay fit & move sustainably "!

For this 20th edition, the slogan aims to encourage people to stay physically and mentally fit, while exploring the beauty of their city, region or country; and to show consideration for the environment and the health of others when choosing their mode of transport.

This year's theme pays tribute to the hardships suffered by Europe (and the world) during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The trends that have emerged over the past year, such as the development of active mobility and the use of low- or zero-emission mobility, need to be further encouraged.