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Onet and the LDLC Arena,
to offer a unique experience

The Onet Group is proud to announce its new status as Official Supplier of the LDLC Arena.

The signing of this new partnership marks an important step in the collaboration between the two entities.

Set up for a period of three seasons, until June 2026, this collaboration celebrates the coming together of the service sector and one of the Lyon region's most innovative and multifunctional event venues.

LDLC Arena unveils
its partnership with Onet

Located in the heart of OL Vallée, the LDLC Arena opened its doors in November 2023 and today unveils its partnership with the Onet group.

Renowned for its expertise in cleanliness, security and hospitality, Onet will be contributing its know-how to enhance visitors' experience of this new event space.

Since its inauguration, the LDLC Arena has already made a name for itself, welcoming over 140,000 spectators for major events such as Euroleague basketball matches and numerous concerts.

Quality services
in the exceptional setting of the LDLC Arena

The aim of this collaboration is to reinforce the LDLC Arena's ambition to offer an exceptional setting for all types of events, supported by top-quality services.


The two partners, united by a shared vision of excellence and innovation, are committed to offering visitors a unique experience, marked by the quality of their welcome and services.


This collaboration is part of a long-term dynamic, designed to contribute to the reputation of the LDLC Arena as a key venue for major events in France and Europe.