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On the FAL A320,
Onet and Airbus join forces for FOD-free quality

Safety is a highly strategic issue for Airbus, and one that involves reducing FOD (Foreign Object Debris).


This debris, found on the FAL (final assembly line), is a key concern for the Group.


Over the past year and a half, Onet has stepped up its prevention policy as part of its cleaning services, with the introduction of an FOD referent on the FAL A320.


A strategy that has paid off.

FOD (Foreign Object Debris) - manufacturing residues, scraps of material or small objects left behind on assembly lines - can have serious consequences.

For both the aircraft manufacturer and its service providers,"reducing these FODs is a major challenge for aircraft and passenger safety, and therefore also for customer satisfaction" , explains Myriam Colombini, Onet's team leader and FOD referent on the A320 FAL.


Two referents for a common goal

Against this backdrop, Airbus decided two years ago to step up its preventive policy on FODs by appointing a dedicated contact person, responsible for the proper application of the "FOD directives" introduced a few years ago. Onet is doing the same. For the past year and a half, Myriam Colombini has been the FOD referent on the FAL A320. Her mission? Enforce quality rules to minimize the presence of FOD. This work is carried out in close partnership with the Airbus referent. "Every week, we discuss general FOD statistics. We ensure traceability of all our interventions, so that we can improve processes and take the necessary measures" , explains Myriam Colombini.

Myriam Colombini, Onet referent at Airbus
Myriam Colombini, team leader and Onet FOD referent on the FAL A320.

Aim for 0 FOD

Myriam Colombini works with the teams on a day-to-day basis to ensure that all processes are respected, and takes dedicated action when an incident is reported.


"During the briefing, I organize a talk on the subject,"explains the referent, who confides, "I also repeat the key instructions at each shift start. "


Correct use of FOD bags to carry personal belongings, equipment checklists before, during and after operations, reporting lost items: FOD reduction requires constant attention.


"I really insist on 'clean as you go': this careful cleaning of the area by our agents before they leave has significantly reduced FODs," explains Myriam Colombani.


Following an improvement in results, Airbus has extended its approach to environmental stations, by organizing dedicated FOD checks by station managers. The stated aim is to move towards 0 FOD. "It's an ambition to which we're all fully committed, and an approach that meets Airbus' quality requirements.