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Emilie de Lombarès
at the Sommet de l'Engagement

Emilie de Lombarès, Chairman of the Board Onet, took part in the1st Commitment Summit. This event, organized by the Forum de l'Engagement, brought together a panel of political, institutional and business leaders... all united with the aim of exploring new forms of collaboration and promoting collective intelligence around crucial themes such as climate, digital and inclusion.

Commitment Summit

Emilie de Lombarès took part in the round-table discussion entitled " Regards croisés sur les leviers d'action pour encourager l'inclusion ". Alongside speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, she emphasized the importance for the service sector of rethinking working methods, with the spotlight on daytime cleanliness.

Watch Emilie de Lombarès' speech:

Why work during the day ?

Historically, in the service sector, most cleaning services are provided early in the morning or at the end of the day, outside office hours.

"Daytime working means a feeling of recognition for our agents, a "Thank you". It's a real appreciation of their work. It's also about living at the pace of society, being with your family in the evenings and mornings. It's permission to have a family and social life," said Emilie de Lombarès.

The transition to daytime working represents a significant step forward in the quality of life for cleaners. They encourage the creation of bonds, enriching their working environment and making their missions more rewarding.


This organization also makes it possible to reduce part-time work and split shifts, by encouraging continuous working hours for our employees.

Onet, partner of the Forum de l'Engagement (Commitment Forum ) to contribute to change together 

The Forum de l'Engagement is aimed at all players in society, both public and private, offering a forum for exchange and dialogue, highlighting best practices and/or innovations in integrating social, environmental and governance issues into corporate strategies.

A platform created to address various social issues:

  • Transition to a mixed, diverse and inclusive society
  • Transition to a high-performance ecological strategy
  • Transition to responsible governance and communication
  • Transition to human rights protection
  •  Transition to new business models and impact finance
  • Transition to more sustainable and inclusive territories