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Onet Improves Performance
of the largest public hospital in Brazil

In Brazil, Onet has set up the first Operational Control Center within Latin America's largest public hospital in São Paulo.


Based on the feedback and use of the hospital's strategic data in the service of cleanliness and maintenance, this innovation leads to a real revolution in our professions.

An operational control centre
to manage our services 

Onet improves the performance of Brazil's largest public hospital

With real-time cleanliness monitoring

Onet in Brazil provides hospital cleaning and maintenance services on behalf of the Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo.

The Group's dynamic of innovation, based on the combination of people and technology to increase efficiency and performance, is yet another example of the hospital cleaning sector.

Thanks to the support of our client, our Brazilian teams have been able to set up an operational control centre in order to better manage our services.

A true technological turning point, this Operational Control Centre (OCC) allows us to go beyond the implementation of cleaning or maintenance services, by promoting results such as the reduction of turnover time between hospital beds or the reduction of the hospital infection index. 

After more than two years of IT development by our teams, in co-construction with the hospital's teams, the implementation of this Center is accompanied by a real change in process for more than 1600 Onet agents working within the establishment. 

Philippe Mari, President and CEO of Onet in Brazil

Philippe Mari, President and CEO of Onet in Brazil, explains that "this CCO relies on software developed by Onet to communicate with the hospital's IT system and provide critical and operational information."


In this Centre, which is coordinated by 6 employees, data is used to manage staff services and directly allows us to improve hospital efficiency. 


To guarantee the effectiveness of our services, our interventions are all mapped out.  Thanks to a system of QR codes flashed by agents with their smartphones, CCO coordinators have a global vision of the resources available to improve responsiveness.


For example, when a room becomes available, the Control Center receives an alert to intervene as quickly as possible for cleaning. With this system, the time it takes to accommodate a new patient in a bed increases from 5 hours to... 1h30!

With preventive maintenance

At Das Clínicas Hospital, Onet also carries out the maintenance of the facilities, which means that we ensure the quality of the working environment by guaranteeing the safety of people and property by intervening in the control of equipment (electrical, air conditioning, etc.).

Thus, more than 300 sensors have been placed to monitor more than 500 pieces of equipment in the hospital.

The Operational Control Center also plays an important role in preventive maintenance.

In the event of data variations, the CCO receives alerts.


In the event of data variations, the CCO receives alerts.

"Thanks to these alerts, we trigger preventive repairs and therefore avoid certain breakdowns that can lead to the closure of a service. We therefore act directly on the overall availability rate of the hospital," explains Philippe Mari.

This Operational Control Center also makes it possible to collect and monitor performance indicators to ensure the best level of service quality.

Ultimately, this system improves overall patient care.

Key figures Hospital Das Clínicas

  • 2,500 beds
  • More than one million consultations/year (926,000 outpatient consultations and 113,000 emergency consultations)
  • More than 1600 Onet agents dedicated to the cleanliness and maintenance of the site