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Fabrice Amedeo raises awareness of ocean conservation among young and old alike

On Monday January 30, Fabrice Amedeo unveiled the new results of the 100 µm filters at a webconference.


The navigator took the opportunity to visit the children of Onet employees during an intervention in schools, for the preservation of the oceans.

Webconference #OceanCalling, new findings on 100 µm mesh filters

53 samples were taken during the last Vendée Globe. The first results of the analysis of the 300 µm filters were unveiled in Marseilles last spring at the headquarters of the Onet Group, partner in the oceanographic project, and showed that the surface waters of the Atlantic Ocean are twice as polluted by cellulose fibers as by microplastics. Analyses of samples taken from 100 µm mesh filters have just been completed. The next step is to discover how the smaller fragments are distributed in the water column.

🔴Visit replay: Webconference #OceanCalling (hagergroup.com)
Watch the replay: #OceanCalling webconference (hagergroup.com)
Fabrice Amedeo raises awareness of ocean conservation among young and old alike

New data on ocean pollution

For the past 3 years, Fabrice Amedeo has been racing with sensors that enable him to better understand the consequences of global warming on the oceans, as well as ocean pollution.

Scientists from Ifremer and the University of Bordeaux, partners in the microplastics measurement campaigns, have analyzed the 100-micron filters collected in 2020 on the Atlantic during the Vendée Globe.

As with larger filters (300 microns), the number of microparticles increased: 40 times more cellulose fibers and 34 times more microplastics. 

This second wave of offshore studies also confirms a real difference between the South and North Atlantic: the South Atlantic seems to be slightly less contaminated by microplastics, which raises questions about the internal dynamics of the subtropical ocean gyre (the microplastic convergence zone located around 30°S).

A navigator close to Onet employees and their families

Fabrice Amedeo has sailed through polluted oceans and seen first-hand the degradation of seas and oceans. He has sailed through seas and oceans polluted by chemicals and plastic waste, and has seen the extent to which marine pollution has a negative impact on marine ecosystems. He has made his mission to preserve the oceans his top priority, raising awareness among the general public, and particularly among the children of Onet employees, by speaking directly in schools.

Fabrice Amedeo talks about his adventures at sea and his passion for sailing, with the help of the1st flight of the educational booklet " Cétacé, L'Océan boit la tasse ", produced in partnership with the French Ministry of Education, the skipper takes a further step in the protection of the oceans and their ecosystems: raising young people's awareness of environmental issues.


It answers many questions about ocean racing, but above all about the climate changes affecting marine life and coastal ecosystems.


The aim is to improve our understanding of how the ocean works, and to better protect it.


Following his visits to 4 schools in Marseille in March 2021, the navigator visited the Prés de Bernolsheim elementary school near Strasbourg on Tuesday January 31, 2023, following his #OceanCalling webconference held nearby.