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Inclusion, a shared commitment
between Airbus and Onet

In November 2023, Onet took part in theAirbus(Dis)ability Forum, an event dedicated to inclusion.

Onet's actions at Airbus' FAL (Final Assembly Line) sites include recruiting people who are not in employment or who have a disability, setting up an inclusion officer and adapting workstations.

With Airbus, we share the same values around the inclusion and integration of people with disabilities or who are far from employment: our presence at the (Dis)ability forum reflects a strong shared commitment.

Éric Couranjou, regional HR manager and Inclusion referent, is delighted that Onet will be exhibiting at the Airbus forum at the end of 2023.

A big first!

By inviting its strategic supplier to exhibit for the first time, Airbus is proving that its inclusion policy is widely supported by Onet. And for good reason: with an 11% employment rate for disabled people on Airbus FALs, Onet is committed to going well beyond the regulatory threshold of 6%.

To recruit people with disabilities or who are far from employment, Onet has developed special relationships with a network of local associations such as Nos quartiers ont du talent.

The Group is also a partner of the local YMCA, which promotes the employment of disabled people.

"Since 2017, YMCA has been our co-contractor on the FAL ground cleaning market: this corresponds to our values and Airbus' responsible purchasing policy," explains Éric Couranjou, who adds, "in addition to the 10 YMCA employees, we have 14 disabled Onet employees at Airbus ."

Inclusion referents for local support

In addition to hiring, Onet has implemented a committed integration policy. " We support these employees when they join our teams, help them to stay in their jobs, and assist them in obtaining recognition as disabled workers," adds Éric Couranjou. Thanks to the creation of inclusion referents in the regional departments, all employees can now have access to a local contact. Acting as a relay for the national policy in the field, these advisors set up awareness-raising initiatives, answer questions from employees and their managers, and find solutions for adapting workstations or working hours. They also monitor employees' careers.

Whether they have a mild or severe disability, are being reintegrated into society following a difficult career or have been very far from employment up until now, Onet is committed to the successful integration of all profiles. " We're convinced that by helping people to find their place in society through employment, we're contributing to economic activity while developing a fine team spirit within the company," explains Éric Couranjou, who concludes: "these people have fought to get out of their situation: humanly speaking, they have a lot to contribute to their teams."

The Airbus (Dis)ability Forum in brief

The 10th edition of this forum dedicated to inclusion at Airbus was held in November, and for the first time included the aircraft manufacturer's strategic suppliers as exhibitors. The aim of the event? Involve the sheltered and adapted sectors in Airbus activities, bring together all the players to develop new partnerships, open up jobs to people with disabilities and thus participate in economic activity.

YMCA Occitanie in figures

50 years of commitment to people with disabilities, social exclusion or social difficulties. 300 employees in the association's adapted company including 150 employees on customer assignments 10 employees on Airbus FALs