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New website
for our services in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, Onet, a benchmark partner in cleaning, related services and security, has created a new digital ecosystem.

Established in Luxembourg since 1977, Onet supports its customers in cleaning to ensure the well-being of their occupants or visitors, or in the protection of property and people through its human security activities.

With prestigious institutional references, a presence in municipal and local authority facilities, and mandates in the tertiary and industrial sectors, Onet Luxembourg relies on more than 1,000 employees to currently support over 350 customers.

A new interface on the onet.lu website now highlights the services available in the Grand Duchy, and allows users to request quotes online.

Pascal Rogé, CEO Onet Luxembourg

After months of reflection and in-depth work by our teams, we are proud to present you with a redesigned web platform to improve the experience of our visitors on our website.

A clear, guided web interface
for greater readability

In addition to the graphic redesign, the new interface is now more attractive and ergonomic, making our service offering easier to understand through a 5-part navigation system.


Our cleaning expertise (occupant or building services, waste management...) is now detailed and classified by sector of activity (institutions, banks, healthcare establishments, municipal facilities...). Via a simplified form, visitors can request a quote online.


Also an expert in personal and building security, the page dedicated to our "Security" expertise enables you to draw up a tailor-made estimate of the service required to secure a building site, a building or an outdoor event... with appropriate surveillance, or for guarding, patrolling, fire safety services...


In addition, a blog presents the latest news, and a dedicated recruitment page lists job vac ancies available in Luxembourg to make it easier to apply.

The new site offers simplified navigation, a modernized design and improved functionality to meet visitors' needs.

Anne Maurizi