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Reconciling cleanliness with reduced water consumption
Onet's commitment

Water, a vital resource, is an essential element in many sectors such as waste management. Its use can have damaging environmental and economic impacts.


Aware of this reality, the Onet Group has embarked on a pro-active approach aimed at reducing water consumption while maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, particularly in food and transport cleaning.

Responsible water management
in agri-food cleaning


In the food industry, cleaning is a crucial step in guaranteeing food safety. However, it can also be very water-intensive. In fact, an operator can use up to 8 m3 of water per day in facilities such as a slaughterhouse or processing plant. Faced with this reality, Onet has taken steps to optimize and reduce water consumption in these sensitive environments.

At Onet, we are constantly optimizing our cleaning processes to reduce our environmental footprint while ensuring food safety. Every gesture counts in our quest for more responsible resource management.

Concrete actions have been taken to significantly reduce water consumption in food processing cleaning.

The first step is to carry out a detailed inventory to identify the sources of water wastage and develop appropriate solutions:

  • by reducing the number of cleaning phases,
  • adjusting protocols for more efficient use of chemicals,
  • by exploring new technologies such as water electrolysis, ozone gas disinfection and dry ice blasting.

Innovative protocols for more efficient transport water use

In the transport sector, the Group cleans both rolling stock (metro buses, streetcars, trains) and infrastructure (stations and premises). This is an important sector, with specialized teams dedicated to the activity. Their maintenance also requires considerable use of water.


Techniques such as the use of pressure reducers and no-rinse protocols (flatwash, squeegee, microfiber, etc.) can considerably reduce the amount of water used, while guaranteeing optimum results.

By adopting innovative and efficient practices, Onet demonstrates its desire to actively contribute to building a more sustainable future for all. These efforts contribute to preserving water resources while guaranteeing high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.