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A company committed to ecological transition:
Discover Onet's environmental policy

In a world of increasingly pressing environmental challenges, the Onet Group is determined to play its part in the ecological transition.


Aware of the urgent need to exceed our planet's limits, Onet is working not only to improve its own environmental impact, but also to positively influence that of its customers through direct intervention at the heart of their processes.

What ambition for Onet in 2030?

Onet's ambition for 2030 is to help restore and re-establish a balance within disturbed ecosystems for all living beings, thus ensuring a healthy, safe and reliable environment for future generations.


Onet's policy translates into a series of concrete objectives aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of our activities and encouraging a collaborative dynamic with all stakeholders.



Reducing the Group's carbon footprint

By measuring its carbon footprint, Onet is deploying its Sobriety Plan, which focuses on the following areas:

  • Mobility: reduce employee travel, develop soft mobility and continue to optimize and decarbonize its vehicle fleet.
  • Buildings: reduce electricity and gas consumption by raising employee awareness of how to improve usage and by deploying energy-efficient solutions in our buildings and at our customers' sites.
  • Digital: work towards digital sobriety among employees and favor energy-efficient infrastructures.


Preserving biodiversity and ecosystems

In line with its values, the Group contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems through actions on our resources:

  • Reduce waste and plastic pollution at source, so that all our stakeholders can improve their practices.
  • Enhance the value of waste, by standardizing the management of waste flows and developing Group solutions to facilitate the collection of specific types of waste.
  • Preserve water, by reducing consumption and helping to reduce pollution.


Sustainable purchasing

Purchasing is an important lever for reducing Onet's impact on the environment, and the Group is therefore taking action to :

  • Integrate CSR criteria into your purchasing process.
  • In partnership with suppliers, define and monitor action plans for strategic purchasing categories.
  • Working with suppliers in accordance with the Group's ethical principles.