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Onet and work-study programs:
training young people in our professions

At Onet, training young people is essential.

Every year, the Group welcomes a large number of work-study students, giving them the opportunity to develop their professional skills and integrate fully into the world of work.


As a leading player in engineering and services, Onet offers work-study positions in all its business lines, enabling everyone to find their own path.

A wide range of professions for all talents

Whether in cleaning, security, nuclear engineering or support functions, Onet offers work-study opportunities to suit every profile. This diversity enables students to discover our businesses and acquire a rich, multi-faceted experience. By joining Onet, work-study students have the chance to work alongside experienced professionals and benefit from high-quality supervision.

Onet's work-study program, a springboard to employment

Opting for a work-study program at Onet means gaining recognized and valued professional experience. Students on work-study programs are fully integrated into the teams and play an active role in the company's projects and missions. The Group sees work-study programs as a real springboard to employment. Indeed, many work-study students are offered a job within the Group at the end of their contract.


Discover the portrait of Angéline Durst, a design engineer in radiation protection, criticality and nuclear measurements at Onet Technologies, who landed a permanent contract after completing her work-study program.

Why Onet? Our work-study students answer!

All our work-study offers

Payroll / Personnel Administration Assistant F/H

Instructional Designer F/H

Digital project manager (work-study) F/H

Work-study engineer in sustainable building and energy efficiency F/H

QSE Assistant - Part-time F/H

Operational performance assistant (work-study) F/H

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