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At the heart of the action:
Onet and OL join forces for two unique operations

To consolidate its partnership with Olympique Lyonnais, Onet customers, employees and their children were given the chance to take part in two events: the "Escort Kids" operation and the opportunity to watch Les Gones training.


Participation in these two events gave customers, employees and, above all, their children a unique experience, enabling them to meet and talk to the Rhone club's men's team.

Operation Escort Kids

Onet and Olympique Lyonnais joined forces for a soccer match at Groupama Stadium. Twenty-three children aged 4 to 12, accompanied by customers and employees of Onet's cleaning and security agencies, had the privilege of taking part in the "Escort Kids" operation, under the guidance of Ali Makrous, Regional Financial Manager, Onet Cleaning and Associated Services


The event began with an exclusive visit to the dressing rooms, where the children excitedly donned their jerseys. Then they had the honor of accompanying the players onto the pitch, diving right into the heart of the action.


Finally, in the stands, they were thrilled to the rhythm of the match between Lyon and Rennes, with stars in their eyes. This unique experience will remain engraved in their memories forever.

Training and visit to the Olympique Lyonnais museum

Once a month, the club opens its doors to a group of partners, enabling them to attend training sessions with the OL men's team.


Onet was able to take advantage of this opportunity to bring together a dozen customers and employees, accompanied by their children, at the training center. The day was marked by a varied program: guests began with a convivial breakfast in the center's dressing room, followed by a training session where they were able to experience the excitement of the pitch. Afterwards, they had the privilege of meeting the players for autograph sessions, before setting off to explore the museum, immersing themselves in the history and exploits of the Lyon club.


An unforgettable experience, where sharing, conviviality and a passion for soccer were the order of the day.