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Onet raises employee awareness of road safety at deconfinement time

Since May 11, users of all kinds - cars, bikes, scooters and motorcycles - have been back on the road. They're starting to share the road again, and to get back to their normal routines.


Strongly committed to road risk prevention, Onet makes every effort to ensure that its employees are aware of road risks, particularly in this context of containment and decontainment. During Road Safety Week, the Group informed them of the precautions to be taken in terms of both road safety and health.

One and the same fight: Be responsible to protect others

A look at the background to the new road safety advertising campaign: the need for a sober return...


In a new campaign, the French road safety organization Sécurité Routière is inviting French drivers to continue the caution and solidarity they have shown on the road over the past two months. To set out the golden rules for getting back on the road safely, the campaign also gives the floor to champions and experts: Jean Todt, President of the Fédération Internationale Automobile (FIA), Philippe Monneret, former winner of the 24H motorcycle race, and Arnaud Démare, 2017 French cycling champion.


Onet welcome booklet or how to return to your workstation safely?


As part of the containment process, Onet was quick to draw up a COVID-19 welcome booklet for all employees. The booklet sets out the rules and good habits for a gradual and progressive return to work, in line with government announcements.


Among the various precautionary measures, the health safety rules to be adopted during journeys, whatever the means of transport used, are explained. The aim is to reassure employees and show that barrier measures are not incompatible with travel, provided certain conditions are met.


From car-sharing to using bicycles and public transport, everything needs to be thought through to ensure that contamination risks are anticipated and controlled, so that you can travel with complete peace of mind.


Onet and road safety: an unwavering commitment

Onet has been a road safety partner since 2016


Created in 1982, the Road Safety Delegation acts on the behavior of road users to make them more responsible, and contributes to reinforcing the safety of road infrastructures, vehicles and user protection equipment. At the end of 2016, Onet signed the national corporate appeal for road safety in the workplace making 7 strong commitments to the safety of its employees' business travel.


Every year, Onet takes part in the road safety program for companies.

Thanks to her strong commitment, since January 2020, the Responsible Development Director and the Road Risk Prevention & Ecomobility Manager have been part of the government's Road Safety Commission.


Risk prevention on the road: Onet's flagship initiatives


Since 2009, 6,880 employees have been trained in road safety. Historically, these training sessions were carried out on simulators. In 2019, as in 2018, thanks to a partnership with RENAULT, ECF and Code Rousseau, half-day training sessions in real-life road situations will raise awareness of road safety and eco-driving issues. The e-learning module "Livret d'accueil à la prévention et à la sécurité" ("Prevention and safety welcome booklet") incorporates best practices in terms of travel for missions, as well as home/work journeys.