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Managing Onet in Prevention
Onet Group's health and safety prevention policy

The health and safety of our employees is a fundamental priority for the Onet Group.

Faced with this major challenge, the company has been implementing prevention policies in its various activities for many years.

The three pillars of the new Piloter Onet en Prévention policy

The Onet Group's prevention policy is based on three fundamental pillars.

Management commitment

Onet's management is fully committed to promoting and supporting a culture of prevention. It recognizes that the safety of employees and customers is a shared responsibility, and strives to provide the necessary resources to ensure the effective implementation of prevention policies.

Strong managerial leadership

For a prevention culture to be truly effective, it must be integrated at all levels of the organization. Managers play a key role in guiding, supporting and promoting prevention practices within their teams. Their leadership is essential to creating a safe and committed environment.


Involving all employees

Safety can only be achieved if every employee is actively involved in the prevention process. At Onet, all employees are encouraged to participate, to report risks and to contribute to the continuous improvement of safety practices.

Onet's ambition in terms of prevention

The Onet Group, true to its values of listening, respect and boldness, is a company with impact.

Its ambition is clear: to achieve excellence in occupational health and safety prevention.

This ambition is not limited to simply complying with legal standards, but aims to create a working environment where health and safety are at the heart of everything we do.


A shared vision: Health and Safety at the heart of our operations

For Onet, workplace safety and employee health are at the heart of all the company's activities. This shared vision extends to all the Group's business sectors. It is anchored in the company's culture and is reflected in concrete actions, training, regular audits and ongoing communication.


The Onet Group is convinced that success in the field of prevention is not limited to reducing workplace accidents, but also involves creating a culture of sustainable prevention.

Review of the 9th Day Piloting Onet in Prevention


Every year, the Piloter Onet en Prévention day is a major event dedicated to health and safety within the Group. It reflects the strong integration of these themes into our corporate culture, both in France and abroad.

This year, each of the Group's functions identified the risks that could have irreversible effects on the physical health of its employees, and described the obligations and prohibitions that would enable them to be avoided. 

These "vital safety rules" were shared at the Piloter Onet en Prévention Day on October 19, 2023. After this appropriation stage, they will have to be applied in all circumstances to prevent the most serious accidents.

This 9th edition also provided an opportunity to bring together the expertise of the interministerial road safety commission, six physiotherapists and our road risk manager to study the driving postures of our "long-distance drivers".

The unconditional application of vital safety rules sends a clear message to all Group employees. They help to develop a culture of occupational risk prevention, which is essential in guiding decisions and choices at all levels of the company.