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Coup de Cœur award
for eco-pasturing

Onet is changing the way green spaces are maintained by adopting an ecological approach: eco-pasturing.


This initiative, launched in summer 2021 in the Metz region, reflects the Group's commitment to a sustainable economy and environment.


On Thursday, November 23, 2023, Onet and the Jury Hospital received the Jury's Coup de Coeur award for their eco-pasturing project at the IDET Trophies ceremony, which rewards initiatives promoting well-being at work.

The concept emerged during an internal meeting atOnet Cleaning and Associated Services's Eastern Regional Division, where the idea of replacing thermal mowers with animals quickly took shape. In December 2021, the first animals, 50 in all and rescued from the slaughterhouse, made their debut at several customer sites.


Onet has opted for an environmentally-friendly approach by using horses, ponies and donkeys. Onet assumes responsibility for their well-being, including care, feeding and monitoring. Before deploying eco-pasturing, a preliminary study is carried out to ensure that the areas to be grazed are compatible with the presence of the animals. Agents specially trained in eco-pasturing install fences, shelters, watering points and food.

Onet offers eco-pasturing services at 3 sites in the Metz region: a major automotive site, a shopping center and a specialized hospital.

As well as enjoying environmental benefits, the latter enriches patient care thanks to animal mediation.

In addition, this service is part of a wider initiative undertaken by the Onet Group to demonstrate the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace, as well as the essential gestures to adopt.

In fact, according to an IPSOS and Onet study conducted in 2021 on the impact of cleanliness on employees' daily lives, 95% of French employees say they are more motivated in a clean, tidy workspace.

It shows that cleanliness is fundamental in the workplace, and that Onet's businesses have a direct and positive impact on business performance.

The positive impact on local biodiversity, the reduction in fossil fuel consumption, and the well-being of equines rescued from maltreatment also underline the versatility of this approach.

Onet and Jury Hospital Center win IDET awards


On Thursday November 23, 2023, Onet and the Jury Hospital received the Jury's Coup de Coeur award for their eco-pasturing project at the IDET Trophies ceremony.


Onet Cleaning and Associated Services is supporting the Centre Hospitalier de Jury, a public mental health facility near Metz, with an eco-pasture solution involving 2 donkeys and 2 ponies. Three clearly defined objectives guide this initiative: adopting an ecological approach to the upkeep of green spaces, improving the quality of working life for staff at both facilities, and enriching patient care through animal mediation.


The IDET Trophies (formerly Arseg) reward and spotlight those involved in developing working environments and improving the quality of life and working conditions for their employees.