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Sacha Alessandrini

Sacha Alessandrini is a dedicated and passionate athlete. Her exceptional career reflects a strong determination and an innate passion for athletics. From the age of 6, she was already diving into the track and field, setting off on a fine sporting trajectory.

Her training at the CREPS high school in Bouleauris was a springboard for her athletic ambitions. For 3 years, she worked hard to obtain her Baccalauréat in parallel with her sporting career. Sacha consolidated her skills at the Pôle Luminy for 6 years under the attentive tutelage of her coach, helping her to perform in her field.


She continued her journey to Aix-en-Provence, training with the same coach. Alongside her commitment to sport, Sacha has also taken an interest in studies and the human dimension, completing a CAP (vocational training certificate) in childcare. Her commitment on all fronts, sporting and professional, illustrates her versatility and determination. She excels in the 60-meter hurdles and aims to accumulate points to qualify for major international sporting competitions. By regularly placing in the top three, she has solidified her position in the top 5, bringing her closer to her goal.

Steady progress

4 x 100-meter relay at the 2021 European U23 Athletics Championships
0 th
French Indoor Championship
0 x
French Junior Champion
0 x

Our partnership Onet

Sacha is aiming for medals with crucial milestones like the French Championships in June 2024 and the European Championships where she aspires to conquer the heights in Rome.


Our athlete embodies strength and ambition. Her career highlights a woman who constantly pushes her limits.


Through her determination, she inspires those who cross her path, demonstrating that passion and rigor are the keys to realizing one's dreams, whatever the obstacles encountered.

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