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Fabrice Amedeo takes to the sea for The Transat CIC race

The Onet Group is proud to accompany Fabrice Amedeo, our navigator, in his very first participation in The Transat CIC, one of the most demanding races on the maritime circuit. On Sunday April 28, from Lorient to New York, he takes on the challenge of the North Atlantic, a first for him in this direction.

Advanced on-board technologies

Supported by the Onet Group since 2019, Fabrice's recently renamed IMOCA yacht Nexans - Wewise is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to measure water quality. This partnership goes beyond sport: it's part of our commitment to preserving the oceans. On board, oceanographic sensors collect essential data on CO2, salinity, water temperature and microplastics. This information is crucial for research into climate change, reaffirming our mission to contribute to a healthy, safe and reliable environment.

Preparing for future technical challenges

During the winter refit, major improvements were made to Fabrice Amedeo's yacht, increasing its reliability for the races ahead. These adjustments are essential as the skipper prepares not only for the Vendée Globe, but also for the New York - Vendée transatlantic race, scheduled for the end of May. These competitions will test the boat's robustness and our sailor's preparation, essential for tackling the mythical race, which starts in November 2024.

We encourage Fabrice Amedeo in this transatlantic adventure and in his initiatives to raise awareness and preserve the environment.