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Our investment in skills honored at Marseille Provence airport

Until the end of October 2021, the Top 20 club and Marseille Provence Airport are presenting 50 photos emblematic of the social and environmental responsibility of major companies in the Aix-Marseille Provence metropolis. This exhibition can be seen in the international arrivals tube, Terminal 1 Hall A.



This exhibition illustrates concrete actions and projects in France and abroad in the fields of environmental preservation and natural resources, social integration, youth education, training, the fight against discrimination, gender equality, support for entrepreneurship and solidarity.

As part of this exhibition, Onet has decided to communicate on its investment in skills, which is a strong commitment and a major societal role for the Group.


The Onet University is thus honored through the graduation photo that Onet has chosen to exhibit. It underlines Onet University's commitment to managing and capitalizing on internal talent and identifying potential, with the following objectives:

  • Developing the skills of all our employees, from workers to managers
  • Help our managers grow and develop their leadership and social responsibility
  • Promote cross-functionality within theGroup, both in France and internationally, and across all business lines.
  • Innovating and contributing to digital transformation
  • Open to the outside world
  • Contribute to the employer brand
  • Be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals




About Club Top 20

The Top 20 Club brings together the 55 largest companies in the Aix-Marseille Provence metropolis, each with sales in excess of 100 million euros and head offices in the region. Club members represent consolidated sales of 120 billion euros and 500,000 jobs. With its strong local roots, the Top 20 Club is a force of influence for the region's leading entrepreneurs and business leaders, providing impetus, support and development for projects to enhance the region's influence and appeal.

of the metropolis.


The Club enables its members to take the time to get to know each other, to meet and exchange views on issues common to all major companies. It can also take part in specific initiatives or projects.


 The Club is also a place for sharing and understanding the major issues of the day, whether regional or national, economic, political or social. It welcomes

llir key figures to shed light on changes in the business environment in the broadest sense.


 Finally, the Club is the place where its members can express their influence within the region's economic, political and social bodies. It can not only take a stand, but also act to support the ideas and commitments of the business world.


 It takes a stand and acts within the business world to accompany or support ideas.