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CNPE Site Manager

My role as Site Manager is to supervise the teams working on the site, and to plan and monitor the work being carried out. To do this, I manage all the technical and human resources needed to ensure that the work runs smoothly.

My core competencies



Ideally, I hold the basic authorizations required for this position (SCN1, RP1, CSQ, H0B0, EPI). If you don't, you'll need to take these training courses before working on a nuclear power plant.


A BAC +2/+3 in logistics would be a plus, as well as initial experience in the nuclear sector with a managerial role (team leader, site manager, etc.).


Ideally, I have agood knowledge of nuclear siterequirements.




Decision-making skills


Oral and written communication



  • Interpersonal skills

  • Organization

  • Adaptability

  • Sense of responsibility

My manager's vision by Onet

My duties and responsibilities
as CNPE site manager

Nuclear Power Plants (CNPE) play a vital role in the production of energy from nuclear sources. These complex facilities require meticulous planning, precise construction and rigorous maintenance to guarantee their safety and efficiency. At the heart of these processes, CNPE site supervisors play a key role.


What is the role of CNPE site managers?

The CNPE site manager occupies a key position in the realization of projects within these complex power plants.

Responsible for operational management, he coordinates work while complying with the strict safety standards specific to the nuclear industry.

The activities of a CNPE site manager are diverse, encompassing a wide range of skills and responsibilities.


What are the key responsibilities of the CNPE site manager?

  1. Project management: Construction sites within the nuclear power plants are major projects, and the site manager plays a central role in their planning, organization and execution. He or she defines the stages of the project, allocates the necessary resources and supervises the progress of the work.
  2. Coordination: The construction and maintenance of a nuclear power plant requires close collaboration between various teams, including engineers, technicians and skilled workers. The site manager ensures smooth coordination of these teams, guaranteeing harmonious execution of tasks.
  3. Safety: Safety is the top priority in a nuclear power plant. The site manager ensures that all workers comply with strict safety protocols, minimizing the risk of radioactive contamination or accidents.
  4. Quality: Quality standards must be strictly adhered to to ensure the reliability and integrity of the installations. The site manager oversees compliance with quality requirements at every stage of the project.
  5. Communication: The CNPE site manager is the central point of communication between the teams in the field and project management. He reports on progress, points out any challenges and ensures transparent communication.


In short, the role of the CNPE site manager is much more than simply managing work.

It's a leadership position that demands in-depth expertise in managing complex projects, while taking into account the specificities and challenges of the nuclear sector.

These professionals play a fundamental role in the safe and efficient production of nuclear energy, ensuring the optimal operation of nuclear power plants.

The advantages of my job

  • Versatility of assignments

  • Team management

My career prospects

  • Project Manager

  • Operations Manager

I'm applying!

Nuclear Site Manager F/H

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