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Daytime cleaning

What are the benefits for public transport users?

Working during the day has many advantages, not only for our agents and customers, but also for their end-users. A case in point is the Greater Avignon public transport authority, which has introduced this practice.   

Daytime working: a win-win approach

For many years, the Cleaning Division has been working alongside cleaning companies, customers and institutions to promote continuous daytime working.


According to the Fédération des entreprises de propreté et services associés, which monitors developments in the sector with the Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques (INSEE):

  • 95% of customers who have been through the daytime/continuous operation are satisfied,
  • 95% of employers have found that agents feel more recognized in their work when it is continuous and during the day,
  • 92% of companies that have switched to daytime/continuous working are satisfied,
  • 75% of French people are in favor of daytime intervention in the workplace.

Daytime and/or continuous working has long been a subject on which Onet has invested as a responsible employer. This "win-win-win" approach represents a real step forward for the employee, the beneficiary (both customer and user) and the employer.


Today, cleaning services tend to be provided during the day. However, most of them are still carried out on a staggered schedule, i.e. at the end of the day or very early in the morning. Organizing work on a continuous daytime basis is therefore an interesting solution for all stakeholders.


Numerous benefits


Numerous benefits have been observed:

  • better quality of cleaning thanks to recognized service agents who are more motivated, involved and assiduous;
  • optimize tasks according to actual use of the premises,
  • greater reactivity, security and confidentiality,
  • energy saving.

Onet's aim was to set up an organization that would enable us to carry out part of our cleaning services while our customers were working, while maintaining the necessary discretion.


Our approach is based on three key points:

  • involve the three stakeholders: the customer, the employee and Onet, so as to take into account the constraints of each,
  • carry out a diagnostic and organizational impact study,
  • implement the approach when all the conditions are met.


The health crisis has highlighted the vital role played by cleanroom workers. For almost a year, they have been essential players in maintaining optimal hygiene conditions, and their role is recognized by all.


In fact, 84% recognize that cleaners and cleaning companies have been effective in combating the spread of the virus (BVA Institute survey for the Fédération des Entreprises de Propreté et Services Associés (FEP), September 2020).


More than ever, hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace and in public places are real reassurance factors.

Daytime work becomes even more meaningful. The presence of our service agents contributes to a greater sense of security, whatever the sector in which they work.


Onet prefers to work in contact with users, for example on trains, in offices or on buses and streetcars.

Example of daytime services in Avignon

TCRA manages public transport in Greater Avignon. It has benefited from a daytime cleaning service to disinfect all contact points (handles, bars, ticket validators, seats...) on its buses and streetcars since November 2020.

Bus and streetcar disinfection "on line

Since the beginning of November, the transport company has been stepping up the disinfection of its buses and streetcars during the day.


Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m., our agents disinfect contact points on buses at the end of the line.

From 9:00 to 10:00, the same agents then disinfect the contact points at the end of the tramway line.


Other agents work in the afternoon (from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. for buses and from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. for streetcars).


At weekends, due to fewer workers, the service has been adapted and reduced somewhat. The disinfection service at the depot remains unchanged.


Mohamed, our agent, says:

"As an agent, I realize that what I do every day is reassuring for users and drivers alike. I work with equipment adapted to this environment. I appreciate being able to work during the day, as this additional activity (Mohamed has a part-time contract) enables me to play an even greater role in the well-being of everyone." 

Complete transport disinfection "at standstill"


Once stationary, no fewer than 125 buses and 9 tramway trains are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by our 8 agents.


Every evening, at their respective depots in Avignon, our agents carry out disinfection by fogging these transports from 9pm to midnight.

Using a diffuser, disinfection by nebulization (or fogging) consists in propelling a cloud of disinfectant. All surfaces in contact with the air are thus treated. Manual disinfection of contact points in the driver's cab and on buses and streetcars (handrails, handles, armrests, etc.) is carried out in addition to fogging.


The next day, buses and streetcars were ready to welcome passengers and drivers in complete safety.


Our team leader, Hassan, explains:


"For complete disinfection, after I've put on full protection, I use a fogger that propels disinfectant through the air. This fogging process is fast and effective.

I complete my mission by disinfecting contact points and driving positions with microfiber wipes and disinfectant. I intervene in the evening so that the disinfection can be carried out at night (it's forbidden to enter the vehicles for three hours after fogging), so that the vehicles can be in service the next day. It gives me a certain satisfaction to see the buses and streetcars running during the day, and to feel that I've contributed to their use.

Fogging in pictures

What our customers say

With Covid, we had to reinforce our cleaning procedures in the buses and streetcars. In addition to the disinfection carried out every evening, the presence of Onet agents during the day reassures our customers that disinfection can be carried out on board the buses and streetcars in our transport network. As a result, our customers can travel in complete safety.