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Branch HR/Payroll Administrative Assistant

My role is essential to the smooth running of the branch: I manage personnel administration and payroll for all the agents in my area.

My core competencies



Versatility : I can handle several assignments at the same time and prioritize them.


Communicating: I welcome and exchange ideas with the agency's staff on a daily basis, making myself available and ready to listen.


Respecting processes and deadlines: I contribute to the management and administrative follow-up of personnel and carry out the corresponding formalities.


  • good listener, rigorous, organized, autonomous,
  • ability to manage priorities,
  • sense of responsibility, discretion, confidentiality,
  • good interpersonal skills, teamwork, teaching skills

My manager's vision by Onet

My duties and responsibilities
as an HR and Payroll Administrative Assistant in a branch office

Human Resources I am involved in the administrative follow-up of the branch's employees, in liaison with the operating teams.

  • I take care of hiring formalities (declarations, employment contracts, health insurance)
  • I keep track of workplace accidents, medical check-ups and leave,
  • I follow disciplinary procedures and termination of employment contracts

Payroll I collect, check and process the elements that make up the remuneration of the agency's employees.

  • I prepare and enter payroll data for my area,
  • I collect, record and check variable payroll data (absences, clocking in and out, overtime and extra hours).
  • I check and validate pay slips and related closing statements

Agency administration Administrative tasks: in support of the manager, I assist with the broader tasks required for the smooth running of the branch.

  • I manage physical and telephone reception
  • I process and write letters
  • Informing employees
  • I keep track of agendas and prepare the organization of meetings

The advantages of my job

  • Versatility : my missions are varied and challenging

  • Human : I'm in constant contact with employees from the moment they join the company.

  • Consulting : I support employees and managers on a daily basis

My career prospects

  • Human resources jobs: HR project manager, payroll manager, recruitment manager
  • Finance and accounting professions: administrative manager
  • Operations professions: operations manager

I'm applying!

Administrative and Payroll Assistant F/H


Management assistant - Part-time F/H

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