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QSE correspondent

I manage the quality, safety and environment system to guarantee the expected level of performance (safety, quality, deadlines), and play an active role in the agency's Operational Excellence approach.

My core competencies



Leading and transmitting : I train and support teams in the implementation of methods

Anticipate and plan ahead: I am the guarantor of employee safety on site.

Observe : study and optimize working conditions and team safety

Coordinate: I steer and monitor an appropriate action plan

Suggest: I look for ways to improve and plan a course of action.


  • willing to listen, rigorous, organized, autonomous,
  • ability to propose improvements/solutions
  • pedagogue, good communicator
  • good interpersonal skills, teamwork

My manager's vision by Onet

My missions and responsibilities
as QSE correspondent

Health, safety and environment Health, safety and environment: I deploy and manage my establishment's QSE policy across several customer sites.

  • I implement and monitor QSE procedures
  • I advise and assist site managers
  • I anticipate malfunctions and their solutions
  • I analyze incidents, near misses and accidents
  • I suggest ways to improve

Quality control Quality control: I monitor quality-related indicators as well as the implementation and effectiveness of corrective actions.

  • I initiate and follow periodic equipment checks
  • I ensure that prevention plans, safety instructions, procedures and operating modes are respected.
  • I keep track of and update site access rights and authorizations.
  • I carry out ongoing personnel audits in the HSE fields

Support and training :

  • I support operational staff and help them acquire methods and processes. 
  • I organize actions to inform and raise awareness among employees about risks
  • I support the agency's teams in obtaining quality, health, safety and environmental certifications.

The advantages of my job

  • Increased responsibility due to human stakes

  • At the heart of concerns linked to safety, respect for the environment and well-being in the workplace

  • Upgradeable in line with standards and regulations

  • In direct contact with our customers, a lot of contact

My career prospects

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Work-study quality assistant F/H

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