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Area Manager

As a hands-on manager, I act as Onet's ambassador to our customers and act as the interface between the sales, operations and administrative teams.

My core competencies



Manager : I oversee the operational implementation of projects within my scope, train my teams and ensure their safety.


Coordinate/plan : I manage my portfolio with a view to quality, efficiency and performance.


Communicating: I communicate daily with my colleagues and customers.



  • willing to listen, rigorous, organized, autonomous,
  • manager
  • sense of service, pedagogue, good communicator
  • good interpersonal skills, teamwork

My manager's vision by Onet


Area Manager

Céline is in charge of the cleaning sector for a Onet Cleaning and Associated Services agency specializing in events in Marseille.

My duties and responsibilities
as Area Manager

Operations: Close to the field and the teams, I coordinate several sites and ensure that missions run smoothly. 

  • I supervise the organization of worksites and sites: personnel, work schedules, services, equipment, products, etc;
  • I plan operations according to flows, and check specifications;
  • Performance analysis

Business development I know how to identify my customers' needs and offer them the right service.

  • I interface with customers on a daily basis to ensure their satisfaction,
  • I make proposals, give advice and prepare estimates

Team management I am responsible for my team's performance, training and safety.

  • I select and recruit my employees
  • I draw up contracts, schedules and clockings for my team
  • I make sure that staff are trained, and that procedures and operating methods are respected.

The advantages of my job

  • Versatility : my missions are very varied

  • Diversity of teams, customer activities

  • Human : closeness to my teams and customers

  • Autonomy : I manage/organize my time

My career prospects

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