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Team Leader

I ensure the smooth running of service activities in my area and supervise the operating staff. I am the guarantor of the quality of the work carried out in compliance with procedures and health and safety rules. I am one of the customer's main contacts.

My core competencies


Managing: I ensure the smooth running of my team on a daily basis, as well as the quality of execution by applying techniques specific to customer needs;

Interacting : I regularly interact with members of my team, my manager and the customer on site;

Communicating : I listen to staff in order to anticipate malfunctions and find solutions;




  • close to the field and the teams
  • sense of service, available, flexible, adaptable,
  • committed, rigorous, conscientious, punctual       

My manager's vision by Onet

My duties and responsibilities
as logistics team leader

Team management 

I supervise the service agents and set an example for them:

  • I make sure that service agents are trained, authorized and capable of carrying out the work.
  • I ensure that safety instructions, procedures, work instructions and operating methods are followed and that PPE is used;
  • I take part in recruitment campaigns
  • Welcoming new recruits and temporary workers

Service follow-up

I guarantee the technical and administrative management of the site

  • I carry out work in accordance with my line manager's instructions, and monitor its progress and completion.
  • I check compliance with specifications
  • I maintain a permanent customer interface and answer customer questions.
  • I manage product and material inventories and distribution

The advantages of my job

  • Management: my job allows me to lead teams

  • Enhancing : contributing to the well-being of occupants

  • Motivating : my assignments and work environment are very varied


My career prospects

But also... to more technical and "sensitive" environments, such as the healthcare or nuclear sectors.

I'm applying!

Green spaces service agent M/F F/H

Supervisory Worker RAILWAY CLEANING F/M

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